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About CLGF

CLGF: Promoting local democracy in the Commonwealth
The Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) was founded in 1995 as a focus for action on local democracy in the Commonwealth. It works to promote and strengthen democratic local government across the Commonwealth, and to encourage the exchange of good practice – through conferences and events, the Commonwealth Local Government Good Practice Scheme and other capacity building projects, research and information, and working with its members in Commonwealth countries to support the development of democratic values and good governance. CLGF is a membership organisation funded by member subscription, specific grants and donations, It has more than 170 members in 40 countries including ministries of local government, local government associations and individual authorities.

Joining CLGF
Be part of an international network promoting local government and democracy throughout the Commonwealth.

As a member of CLGF you will

support the development of local democracy in other countries;
have access to CLGF’s wide network of members and contacts in local government throughout the Commonwealth;
have access to CLGF research and information;
be able to get involved in city-to-city and other international partnerships;
receive CLGF’s newsletter and other publications;
have opportunities to lean from your peers and make connections through CLGF conferences and events, including the bi-ennial Commonwealth Local Government Conference; and
be eligible to take part in capacity building projects.