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Missouri top rated hardscape contractors

Hardscapes, also known as concrete patios, include concrete stepping stones, concrete flowerbeds, concrete planters, concrete columns and concrete planters. They are a concrete solution that is used on-site for extra design options. Hardscapes typically refers to concrete outdoor structures incorporated into a concrete landscape.

Concrete stepping stones are a popular and practical way to add character to an outdoor area or to blend in with your yard. This solution can add height to your yard by over two feet, is non-slip and usually requires very little maintenance. Concrete steps, concrete flowerbeds and concrete columns are just some of the many hardscapes on the market. There are many other forms such as concrete patio tiles, concrete planters, brick retaining walls and concrete walkways.

Most hardscapes are non-oil based so they are environmentally friendly. They can be applied to landscaping projects around the yard or to areas that have hard concrete such as sidewalks, driveways and porches. The concrete can be applied in several different colors, sizes and designs. It can also be poured as well as flash painted. Concrete steps provide a great outdoor stepping solution for entry ways, entrance ways, pool enclosures and decks, thresholds, Lanai gazebos, and garden terraces. Whatever you can think of for your backyard our friends at Kansas City Concrete Contractors can do,

The concrete options for your landscape are limitless. You can create a simple landscape with concrete walkways, stepping stones or flowerbeds. You can go all out and create an elaborate landscape with concrete columns and pillars, stone retaining walls, concrete patios, etc. Creating the ultimate outdoor space with a landscape is not difficult if you know what type of landscape you want and need. You can talk to your landscape contractor about how to transform your yard or patio to your own private oasis. If you live in an area where the climate varies seasonally, or if you are simply looking for a distinctive outdoor area that will make a statement, a concrete landscape may be just what you are looking for.

The choices for hardscapes are endless. One of the most popular types of hardscapes are water retention plants. These hardscapes include such plants as decomposed granite, rock wool, decomposed sandstone, moss, and water hyacinth. These plants soak up pollutants that enter through our sewers, run off naturally and then flow back into the soil. The beauty of water retention landscaping is that it allows you to use your hardscapes in any season, as both a softscape and a landscape.

Another popular type of hardscape materials hardscaping is using concrete. Concrete hardscapes include concrete walkways, concrete patio walls, concrete columns, concrete plant pots, concrete planters, concrete slabs and concrete patios. These concrete materials allow you to create a variety of attractive looks that vary according to the colors you choose, the textures you choose and the finishes you desire. Because concrete is not porous and does not absorb moisture like wood does concrete makes an excellent material for walking on.

There are also hardscapes to consider for your outdoor living space. For decks, there are concrete walkways, landscape edging, landscape concrete pads and concrete patio pavers to choose from. For more character in your outdoor living space, consider concrete columns. For those who love flowers, hardscape concrete plants will give your yard a focal point and the added benefit of giving you plants with different textures, color and heights. There are so many different choices you have when creating hardscapes for decks and patios.

Hardscape material is an excellent choice for your outdoor landscaping project. It is affordable, easy to maintain and gives your yard personality. This is a great way to create a focal point or define areas in your yard. A landscape will enhance your patio or deck and make your yard more interesting and appealing.